A new version of my classic messenger bags - clutch purse for girls

For quite a while now I have had this idea in my head to make pretty floral clutch-type purses for little girls. I finally created a pattern today to start work on the first prototypes.

I wanted to include extra details like tucks and darts but I still need to keep the bags simple enough to make them easy to sew (which equals affordability). This one has four darts on the base of the bag which are not difficult to sew. I like the rounding they give to the bag. The flap kept popping open once the bag was full so I added velcro to keep it shut. Ideally this should be done before, so the stitching is not visible on the outside.

This bag has a fine linen strap which can be tucked inside when the bag is used as a clutch purse. The base of the bag is lovely half n half linen and cotton. The lining is a pretty blue floral too.

Isn't the fabric lovely? It's a printed cross-stitch by Cosmo Textiles (Japan). I only have a little piece of it. It's a departure from my usual cute prints but I just can't help feeling floral this season.

What do you think? Is it worth trying to iron out the kinks in the design?

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