Proud Mummy Moments

Hello friends! What a week! I have a recipe here next to me that says:
"Each serving typically contains: xx calories, xx sugars etc".

I'd like to edit it to reflect my days and weeks here at Blooming in Japan,
"Each week typically contains: xx tears, xx laughs, xx arguments, xx proud moments, xx depths of despair and so on"

Here's one of the proud moments. Little Guy was the chief pall bearer (?) (what's it called, it wasn't a funeral?) of the statue of The Virgin Mary at this week's festival to celebrate motherhood at the kindergarten. He's the one on the front left. He did so well. All of the kids looked so cute.

Even though we are not particularly religious my kids have both attended the local Catholic kindergarten. I like the atmosphere there and think they are learning some important aspects of our culture (western culture that is) since it's based in Christianity.

Noodle has not been thinking Christian thoughts this week. He's been on the war path with me as his prime target. Sigh.

I am trying to be upbeat!

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