To all the mums I know

Recently I read somewhere about the importance of talking about family and sharing family stories, old photos and memories with kids. I cannot remember where and in what context but I think it's particularly relevant for my kids since we live a great distance from my whole family and ancestral history. Kids need to know where they come from and to feel that they come from love, from even before they were born.

A seventies childhood in New Zealand

I thought this weekend, being Mother's Day, would be a great time to look through my family photos with my kids - the few that I have - of my childhood and of my parents when they were young(er).

Looking through the photos I see decades of homemade outfits; wonderful bowl-cut hairstyles; my crooked teeth got straightened; heaps of homemade cakes, BBQs and fun in the sun; I graduated university with both my parents in the auditorium; mum was there every step of the way through my three pregnancies; she continues to give me advice and regularly lends her shoulder for me to cry on. She's the best!

I am also lucky to have two really amazing aunties who are like mothers to me. And some really special friends who were mothers before me who have taught me so much. Lastly I have the most excellent mother-in-law who never judges or criticizes her funny foreign daughter-in-law.

I had two lovely mum moments today.

Little Guy had a rare panic attack at his swimming class today and didn't want to go in. He needed his mum for a quiet cuddle and a bit of reassurance. As much as my heart ached to see him crying it felt wonderful to be loved and needed at that moment.

Later he was back to his devilish ways and had gone off somewhere on his bike - alone - something he is strictly forbidden to do. I cycled around the local parks searching for him. Despite my rising concern I was somewhat cheered up when I arrived at one small park and was greeted by half a dozen of Noodle's friends who shouted joyfully "Look, Noodle's mum is here! Hi, Noodle's mum!!" They were so sweet.

Side note - Little Guy was home when I got back. Safe and sound but sent to his room to reflect!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers I know!

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