Watching the eclipse - dedicated mummy makes a reappearance

Little Guy watching the solar eclipse

Yep! It's been a while but dedicated mummy made a small reappearance this weekend. This morning there was a solar eclipse, I'm sure you know. Last week Noodle brought home a permission slip to attend a public viewing at school. Since it was all happening before school a parent or guardian was needed to go as well.

I got into geek mode and made my own pin-hole camera to watch it with (after doing a little online research!). The special glasses were quite expensive but lucky Little Guy scored a pair.

We had to leave home at 6.50am to get to school by 7 o'clock - a bit early for me!

Of course Noodle refused to walk with us and was hugely embarrassed by the pin-hole camera. I was the only one with anything homemade. Oh the shame! hehe

I made my viewer from a cracker box. That tiny crescent is the sun partially obscured by the moon. Pretty cool!

read more about it here

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