Adventures with boys - crossing roads, sewing and making friends

Today Little Guy had it in his head that he would play with his wonderful new friend across the road. He couldn't stop thinking and talking about it all morning. He could not even eat a proper lunch for thinking about it. Finally at 2 o'clock we got ready to go together.

Me: "You can show me how you cross this road".
LG: "I look for cars and then when it's clear, I QUICKLY RUN ACROSS!!"
(Yikes! I thought)
Me: "Careful and calm* is the best way to cross the road". 
LG: doesn't confirm or deny whether he will take this onboard

(*a wise tip shared with me by my auntie, who has three sons and five grandsons).

We managed to arrive safely at the door, only to find that the friend had popped out with his dad. His mum was not sure when he'd be back.

AlphaFun bag is Little Guy's pick
So ... Little Guy and I returned home and with the spare time suddenly available and the slightly pressing issue of a too-small bag, we picked out some material for a new bag! In the bigger size, with a longer strap. It's official - the standard Mee a Bee little kids' bag is too small for him! (now that he is a month off six).

His friend came to collect him after half an hour so I finished the bag while Little Guy was out. Can you imagine that I now have two boys who can go to friend's places, by themselves?? (Little Guy has a curfew of 5pm while Noodle's is 6pm).

Here's a little video of Little Guy with his new bag just after bath time. He is very happy with his choice and it seems it will be a versatile addition to his wardrobe. Put your sound on. And watch at the end when he suddenly notices me holding the camera - he strikes a pose. He doesn't know I've recorded a video! (he starts dancing when I tell him that).

Upside Down or Inside Out? from Jacqui Miyabayashi on Vimeo.


  1. Ooh, that ' doesn't confirm or deny whether he will take this onboard' gets me every time!
    Cute little video :-)

  2. So cute! When asking my daughter what she should do when she crosses the road she says "look left, left, left". I don't think she knows what right is yet. :)


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