And for boys ... new Japanese fabric in - The High Seas

Last weekend I had an inquiry about bags for boys with a pirate theme. I do have some pirate bags but they're all small ones. They're a little too small for kindergarten or school use.

On Tuesday I was at the shops and spotted this great nautical-themed material. The print is quite large in scale so I have cut a couple of larger bags, a few medium sized bags and then about six of the little kids' sized ones. The large bags are especially awesome since I have been able to capture all of the other nautical icons - a bright lighthouse, a tall ship and a schooner. All set against a background of antique sea maps.

Then look at the inside fabric! Isn't it fantastic? I really had to ferret around the shop to find this, hidden in a dark corner. My patience was tested by an extremely annoying boy with a strong nasally [sorry to say American] accent, talking loudly to his mother who was on the other side of the shop. I guess they were tourists visiting Japan on their summer vacation. Anyway ... as soon as they finally left this fabric magically appeared and I was happy again!

There is more info to come about these bags, I will let you know where and when they will be available.


  1. I think I've seen that inside fabric at my local craft store here too. There was some coordinating prints I think too. Very cute!!

  2. I'm a sucker for all the nautical stuff they bring out each summer!


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