Books for BIG Boys: The Mysterious Benedict Society

Tonight I was really pleased when Noodle managed to finish all his homework early enough to jump into bed with a book. He's been having some pretty late nights, much to my distress. But that's another story.

After about an hour and at almost eleven o' clock I wandered down to their room expecting him to be asleep with his glasses on, face smushed into his book but NO, he was still reading! He's been trying to read The Mysterious Benedict Society for ages, he simply can't find the time to get on with it. Every so often he tells me something funny from it, or asks me what something means. He's told me about the main character. Don't you love that? When your kids are really into something?

Just for fun I checked online for a website or author information. How cool there's a 'trailer' for the latest book, Book 4 and there is a puzzle book too. These will go on our wishlist I think. The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart. It's a New York Times Bestseller!

This particular series is recommended for ages 9-12 (according to Amazon). Noodle is ten. The first book is quite hefty, with fairly fine print and very few pictures. At first Noodle was put off by the weight of it but I left it next to his bed for a while and hid some of his other books :)

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  1. This looks great, love the trailer! How many years in advance can I buy books? LOL


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