Cycling Walking Eating Talking in Izumisano (& Kyoto!)

Kate of cycling.walking.talking.eating Kyoto

Today I had a surprise visit from my great friend Kate of CWET (cycling, walking, eating, talking). Kate arrived back in Japan on an overnight flight from Frankfurt. She picked up her bags, inside one of which was this nifty fold-up bike!, then she hopped on a train, went one stop to my station and cycled to my place! Can you believe it? That's dedication to the cause (of cycling that is, and talking and coffee, since she knows I make a mean brew).

Kate has just spent the past month cycling around such exotic locations as Istanbul and Switzerland and even through central London's parks. Now she's back in Japan gearing up for early summer cycling tours around her 'hometown' base of Kyoto.

Kyoto is one of those cities that's easy to navigate if you want to hit the main tourist spots (along with every other tourist). But for a truly unique experience you really need to tap into a local's expertise. Kate is just the person having been a long-time resident of Kyoto.

This year Kate will start offering special packages which include accommodation for solo female travelers. She is also able to advise couples and groups on the best, most affordable pension that have bicycles for hire.

Check out the tour website here. You'll see all the great testimonials from international tourists and visitors from other cities in Japan.

Was so great to see you Kate!

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