The Dog Whisperer ... and your kids

So last night I was watching Cesar Millan's program The Dog Whisperer on Discovery Channel (yeah, what's up with that on a Saturday night!?). I really love this show and watch it from time to time even though we don't have a dog. We do, however, have a Little Guy and I have found many of Cesar's tips can be applied to parenting.

For instance, last night's episode featured a troubled dog who ate anything and everything. He ended up needing surgery for a small bowel obstruction after eating the front door mat! Cesar walked straight in and accused the poor family of taking on a dog too big for their inactive lifestyle. The dog was not to blame for his behaviour, he was simply the product of a lazy calm family who were not giving their dog enough exercise. I felt sorry for the family but was happy to see they took the advice on board and managed to change their ways.

It got me thinking about our little boy who also suffers from an excess of pent-up energy. He can be quite a challenge since he just never stops - jumping around, talking loudly and requiring constant attention. In an effort to assume the blame for his demeanor I decided a nice long bike ride would be fun and beneficial to both of us. I wish I could say we would do it everyday. I will TRY.

We are really lucky to live in a very bike-friendly area. We rode first along the main road which has a wide cycle lane on the footpath, then along the Izumisano Walking Course. We made our way over to Marble Beach, which also has wide off-the-road cycling and walking paths. I still feel frightened of Little Guy's daring nature to speed blindly ahead or when he runs out of steam, to dawdle dangerously behind. But with safe paths to stick to it's just a matter of watching out for cars pulling in or out of small roads and driveways. I do think he is improving and becoming more self-aware.

I have a few other Cesar tricks I use with Little Guy. I don't want you to think I treat him like a dog though! Last night I heard Cesar say something about defining boundaries and limitations. I'm pretty sure that's a recognised parenting method too, right?

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  1. Love that show! I'm sure LG loved the extended bike ride. Who knows the more you do the more you might want to keep it as a regular part of your routine:)


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