Elementary School Sport's Day (in Japan)

Noodle's dance at Sport's Day

Someone asked if I was taking it easy yesterday - to recover from the party? Well I wasn't as we had our annual Sport's Day (undoukai) at Noodle's school. As much as it wasn't relaxing it was a really good day. Pictured above is Noodle (centre) performing in the Fifth Grade dance. I'm not sure what the theme of the dance was but it was exciting Japanese music and the kids looked so cool in their happi coats. Each kid had painted their favourite Chinese character on the back - Noodle chose this: 鳳 which my husband told me means peacock but I think it's phoenix according to Google! That's cool isn't it?

We were at school from 9am till 3pm either sitting on our picnic mat or standing on the sidelines watching. I have really come to enjoy Sport's Day as it's terrific to see the wonderful school spirit and soak up the great community vibe. Almost every kid has both parents in attendance as well as grandparents, and even aunties and uncles. Families come early to grab a good spot in the grounds. In fact you can go to school the day before to reserve the best spaces (of course we never do that - lazy bones!).

Mr. Mee a Bee is always in charge of lunch on Sport's Day. He loves to cook and is good at details. I do help by ordering in the food he likes but I pretty much leave it all up to him. It was yum as usual. Simple but delicious. I also enjoyed a few left-over sandwiches from the party.

Our Sport's Day picnic lunch
Our proud parent moment, which we did make a sound recording of, was Noodle on the PA system giving live commentary for one of the other grade events. It was super to hear his voice all over the school!

Lots of people have asked why the Sport's Day was held in June this year instead of the traditional October. I was told by a friend that it's because our school has construction plans, a new gymnasium will be built! Personally I much prefer June for Sport's Day as all the hard practices were done in Spring when it was still cool and on the day itself the weather was quite pleasant (though still a little hot for me).


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  2. Wish my husband could cook like that!

  3. Well done all of you, sounds like a great day was had by all.


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