Fun things about Japan! Micro buses

One of the things I love about Japan are these popular micro buses. Every morning on our way to kindergarten we play The Bus Challenge. Even in our small city of about 100,000 people there are several of these little buses chugging around daily. Our challenge is to count them and each day we hope to beat our record of nine buses. Today we did it! We counted ten micro buses - in just ten minutes over a distance of no more than a few kilometres on mostly back roads! Yep, Little Guy can finally count to ten! (and more).

Most of these little buses are picking up kindergarten children all over town. Our own kindy has two buses. There are about four or five other kindergartens in the area, each with its own buses. There's also a community bus and some of the local hotels operate shuttle buses over to the airport.

Little Guy's new friend across the road catches the kindergarten bus. Little Guy has made me pin the timetable to our memo board so he knows exactly what time the bus is due. It's good time-telling practice!

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