Happy Father's Day - Kid's Artwork is so amazing

This fantastic portrait of Mr. Mee a Bee was done by Little Guy for Father's Day. It's seriously cool, done in vibrant pastel, with such attention to detail. It really looks like him!

The teacher must have a real knack for coaxing the best out of the kids because Little Guy's at-home artwork is nowhere near as elaborate as this.  I marvel at the children's ability to capture the essence of their dads from memory. In this picture, Daddy is laughing - hence the open mouth. He loves to joke around with Little Guy in the evenings.

There's also some creative licence going on - Little Guy has drawn the tee-shirt bright blue - just like his own favourite tee-shirt - Mr. Mee a Bee never wears this colour!

Apart from the tee-shirt it's a very accurate rendition of Mr. Mee a Bee's giant eyebrows (which we tease him about), his tiny ears (which I adore) and his five o' clock shadow which I guess Little Guy finds amusing. The hair is also PERFECT!


  1. That is a brilliant picture! One for the wall definitely. Hx

  2. You should frame that Jacqui - instantly recognisable as Tak!


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