I'm strong, sexy and I have a gun

I wonder if anyone else has noticed a theme in television in recent years. Perhaps it's just the programs that we get here in Japan? Or maybe it's just the kind of programs I (am forced to) watch (for lack of anything else to choose).

Strong female lead role. Invariably a detective or crime-fighter type of character. With issues - unable to commit to a relationship, estranged from family, haunted past, a little bit too passionate and dedicated to the job.

And the ubiquitous blonde hair.

Here are some examples: Covert Affairs with CIA Agent Annie Walker; Homeland with CIA agent Carrie Mathison; In Plain Sight with US Marshall Mary Shannon; Alcatraz with Detective Rebecca Madsen; Chase with another US Marshal, Annie Frost and even Cold Case with Detective Lily Rush.

I'm not much of a feminist but then again maybe I am since I have noticed stuff like this. I think it's great that women are being given the lead roles in dramas.

I do find it interesting though, the long blonde hair - really how practical is that when you're tackling a convicted felon before he leaps across the Mexican border? And are tight sleeveless tops or sweaty tank-tops appropriate work-attire?

Of course none of these women have children or even real relationships. An unplanned pregnancy is always their worst nightmare. They are always adverse to any kind of domestic task. Most of them live in sparsely decorated apartments with empty fridges.

Is it any wonder that birth-rates are declining with these 'role models'?

Or do I think too much? :)

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