In between all the coffee and cake I sewed! matryoshka purse

Remember that cute matryoshka bag I showed you the other day? A dear Mee a Bee fan and friend quickly snapped it up and then asked if I could "please, pretty please" make a matching purse. She'd seen the boy's wallets on the Mee a Bee website and thought it would make a perfect 'tuck shop' purse.

What's a 'tuck shop' I hear you ask? At my school it was the shop where you could buy lunch food and other snacks. At primary school you could buy sandwiches or filled rolls. I think Mum had to fill out the order the day before and the choices available were very limited - much the same as what we could get at home. My brother and sister still laugh about the time I was allowed to buy lunch for my birthday. I ordered a marmite and potato chip sandwich which turned out to be exactly the same as what the other two were having from home. Thirty years ago and they still tease me about that!

At high school our tuck shop was somewhat more elaborate. You had to queue up of course but the 7th formers (final year of high school) were allowed to go straight to the front of the queue. I couldn't wait to do that! By 7th form we were also allowed to leave the school grounds at lunch-time so we almost always went to the dairy down the road - that was way cooler!

Do you have any 'tuck shop' memories?


  1. I just found this blog on kiwimummyblogs. I am an American with four children, just moved back to US from East Africa and will be moving to Christchurch in 6 months. I LOVE the blog and as I was looking I realized I ordered one of your bags as a Christmas gift for my niece several years ago - I had you mail it directly as we were in Kenya. SMALL world!

  2. I love this little purse, Jacqui! I must visit your shop, as I had no idea you were selling wallets. :) I hope that you are well, friend!


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