Mainly a great party! good, bad and the ugly of my Jubilee party

Carnation Classic Banoffee Pie

Friends! Don't panic! My party was a huge success (I think). The guests were all smiling and plenty of food was eaten. BUT I forgot to take any pictures!! Sorry!

Oh my goodness, what a day really.

7am: In the kitchen pulling all those things out of the freezer. Little Guy and I whipped up a huge batch of icing for the cupcakes (Donna Hay's recipe wins every time for cupcakes). We had our chocolate cake all decorated nice. The scones looked excellent. We were all set! Would you be interested in learning which things froze perfectly? and where I got the recipes from? GREAT for a solo, time-pressed hostess.

10.00am: running around with the vacuum cleaner. Getting the school uniforms into the washing machine and making sure the bathroom is presentable.

10.50am: A quick shower (I mean in and out) then Little Guy and I raced off to his swimming class. Cue the big tears. Yes, after a great start at swimming for him, somehow it's gone wrong and we need a lot of cuddles and cajoling to make it poolside. Thank goodness for Rescue Remedy. Thanks S!

1.00pm: Two hours later and we are home with just an hour to spare before the guests are due. We are greeted by Noodle who was supposed to be doing his homework ... but he's got a headache. He's all white, cold and clamy. Next thing Little Guy is struck down with a terrible stomachache! He turns green and can't walk.

2.00pm: Everyone arrived and my kids were lying on their beds half-dead.

Ever the hostess I really had to ignore them. 

I was so lucky my wonderful babysitters were on hand to help - thank you, you two!! Noodle felt better enough to have an afternoon out with some family friends and Little Guy eventually perked up about halfway through the party. Phew! (He loved the attention I think).

Our food was delicious but a few things did not make it to the table - my beautiful chocolate eclairs for one. I just didn't have time to whip the cream and fill them. It was hot today so I had planned to do it shortly before the party - didn't happen.

AND - don't talk to me about my epic fail - Banoffee Pie (pictured - from the website). How delicious does it look? Oh I have been salivating over this for weeks. Now it's on its way to the tip. I won't go into the series of errors I made with this. Lets just say it was a rather expensive mistake. Not really suited to afternoon tea in the first place and then WAY too sweet even for me. (I just had a little piece with my evening cup of tea).

The party was lovely. My guests were fantastic as always. I am proud of myself for providing a huge spread of delicious homemade food. And for managing to get the house clean and tidy before the visitors arrived. Even though I barely had time to think I spent a little time chatting with each person. And I looked great in an outfit of clothes I made myself! (my linen skirt and my cute spider top).

I hope everyone is enjoying their Jubilee Weekend!


  1. Sounds exhausting, Jac - but glad it all went well in the end! I sometimes think kids have a sixth sense when it comes to getting sick or having accidents - it always seems to happen at the worst time. We're enjoying the long Queen's Birthday weekend, and actually going out to high tea at the James Cook hotel tomorrow with some friends - it's Giselle's birthday, but also a good way to celebrate on the Queen's diamond jubilee. We don't have to prepare a thing either ;-P

  2. Sounds like a hectic, but great day! I'd love to know what froze well. I've just started trying to freeze a few things when I make too many of them - cupcakes have been the best so far. It would make life a lot easier if I didn't have to make everything on the actual day of a party etc. I hope you get to have a rest today.....

  3. I LOVE banoffi pie, yet i too, is unable to make a good one yet. I got addicted to it living in Scotland and would always leave the cafe with most of's awfully sweet.

  4. yes bannofee pie - deceptively simple!!

    Thanks Jo and Cathy! Cathy your day sounds marvelous.


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