Mrs Cat plays the grand piano - new Japanese fabric in

This morning a little piece of fabric arrived, that I had ordered a couple of days ago. I was pretty excited about seeing it in real life since online it did look a little odd. In a scary way. It's cat and mice ballet. I am happy to say that it is cute and I think it might be just the thing for older ballerinas. I can't remember who made this fabric, the label says ZakkaLife, printed in Japan.

More pictures here: Google+

Love it? or not?

I have only a small piece as I said, so if you do love it and want something made, let me know asap.


  1. oh, that is cute Jacqui!
    We are looking forward to traveling to the land of cuteness next week! Will give you a wave as we fly over Osaka! (*o*)/

  2. wish we could meet up Claire! I will wave!


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