Remember my Banoffee Pie Fail? Second Attempt and so easy!

so delicious, Banoffee Pie
For the Queen's Jubilee party I had planned to make a fabulous Banoffee Pie. Instead I ended up with a rock solid layer of caramel, browning bananas, a cracked Graham cracker pie crust and watery whipped cream. DISGUSTING.

Attempt #2
I still had one pie crust left, I bought the crust, one of these Keebler ReadyCrusts, just to save time and anguish over a failed crust too!

For the caramel - I recommend this 100% - use your Crockpot!! Simply empty the contents of the can (or tube) into a pyrex or other oven-safe dish that fits easily into your Crockpot, without touching the edges. Cover the dish tightly with aluminium foil. Partially fill the Crockpot with a cup or so of cold water. Set the dish of condensed milk in the water and cover the Crockpot as usual with the lid. I turned mine onto LOW and left it overnight (from midnight till seven this morning). Perfection! - gorgeous caramel colour, easily pour-able, yummy caramel taste. There was no need to add butter or brown sugar and no frustrating question as to how long to boil it for.

You could use this caramel sauce for ice cream sundaes or to sandwich cookies together as well.

To finish the pie, right before serving I sliced the bananas then folded them into the whipped cream. I sprinkled a little cocoa powder over the top for contrast.

Thanks Alison Holst for the condensed milk tip.


  1. I'm a lurker- but LOVE banoffe pie! I build my can of sweetened condensed milk in the slow cooker in the original can and I usually do two or three at a time and then keep them in the fridge till needed. they keep for a really long time. I also layer the bananas under the milk and they don't seem to get brown. That way the only thing needing done last minute is whipping the cream and making it pretty:)

  2. I do the condenser milk on the stove top, i have a metal thing from the ¥100 shop that I put in the bottom on the pan, it is supposed to be for steaming veg. Fill the pan 3/4 and put onto boil with the lid on for 30 mins. I set the timer then I won't forget about it, check the water level and do it for another 30 mins, if I want the caramel to be thicker I add another 30. I also do 4 cans at a time and then mark the two I am not using and stick them in the cupboard, they keep fine and better than putting them in the fridge.

    In South America this is called dulce de leche, which is where I learned how to make it, so good on fresh bread !

    No matter how you cook it, you MUST let the can cool down before you open it, a friend of mine opened a hot can and it exploded in her face, she had nasty burn marks for at least 6 months, they faded eventually.

    As for the bananas going brown, if you put them on the crust first then seal them with the dulce de leche they will be fine.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I had seen these methods mentioned but in fact neither were an option since I had two TUBES of condensed milk, the shop did not sell tins!

    I have heard many scary stories of exploding tins over the years. I like my foolproof method, I can be quite doozy in the kitchen.


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