Are you pleased to see this popular bag back in stock? Yaye! me too - almost. I opened a roll of navy blue canvas this morning, that came from a new supplier - eek, it's not the same as I usually get.

I decided I had better wash a piece to test for colour-fastness. It passed that test even in warm water. Then I threw it in the dryer to test for shrinkage - oh dear  - quite a lot of vertical shrinkage. BOTHER! I will have to pre-wash about 5 metres of the fabric before I can use it. Right on the eve of our rainy season.

Since I had already sewn up a couple of bags I decided to throw them in the machine to see how completed bags would fare. Not too badly  - minimal shrinkage and no loss of colour. Yippee. That was on a normal wash cycle in the machine, cold water, ordinary liquid detergent ( I use Ariel). I am currently waiting for them to dry. I would never use the dryer on an actual bag ( and I don't recommend you do either!).

So ... I have this bag and one other to give away this weekend! My washed samples.

To enter please comment below, either here or on Facebook if you're reading this there. let me know which bag you love best (here's the other one, trains!) Please make sure you either leave an email address or pop back in on Monday morning to see if you have won. If I am not able to get in touch with the lucky randomly drawn winners - there will be two - I will re-draw at the end of next week.

The two bags are in the three to five year old size, both navy blue, one with cars as above, and a funky red lining; the other is the 'retro train' bag.


  1. Oooo. . . Ryder would LOVE the trains bag. Thanks so much for the giveaway :D

  2. My kids would love to fight over one, lol! Big Brother already loved trains and buses, then we moved to Chiba. He's gone nuts! And Little Sister has followed his lead and gets so excited at all modes of transport too.

  3. DD would actually like the train bag. Kids love transportation!


  4. I've shared this with some friends who also have little boys - shame about the shrinkage, if it's any consolation nothing is drying on the line here in NZ either!

  5. My daughter loves her meeabee bag and I know a little dude who would love a cars or train bag as well. :)


  6. Trains, trains and more trains! We can see them from our house and most of my family are crazy about them.
    I know where you are coming from about the rainy season - I am debating whether to try and get the kids school sports clothes washed and dried or just iron them and pretend they were washed.... I'm sure they didn't sweat too much last week!

  7. The car bag would be well loved in our home - I love that you make lovely things for boys!

  8. Thanks so much for all these comments! I will pick a winner later tonight or tomorrow morning!

    There's still time to enter!

  9. Master L would love the train bag - he's so mad about both bags and trains at the moment!! Everything you make is gorgeous Jacqui!!

  10. yaye!! thank you so much everyone. Random Org has picked Alyce B for the car bag and Belinda for the train bag!! Congrats you two. Shoot me an email contact(at)meeabee.com and I will pop them in the mail!!


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