Weekend Sum-up - shopping success & successful playdates

This morning I am enjoying a quiet house after a busy weekend. The weekends are always over too quickly but at the same time I do feel a sense of relief to think that someone else is listening to their stories, providing their lunch and reminding them to tuck their shirts in.

Little Guy couldn't wait to tell his teacher about our sucessful shopping expedition on Friday evening. She'd told us where to find the regulation school shoes so we had dutifully driven over to the mall to get them. Holy Moly do five year olds really need $50 leather loafers?  I was reminded how lucky we were that Noodle didn't grow out of his shoes whilst at kindergarten. Little Guy is on notice not to grow anymore between now and March next year since he is officially wearing a 21cm sized shoe - the biggest size made in that particular style! (For those who are interested he is 120.5cm tall and 20kg at the last health check. Noodle quickly calculated that he is 1.5 times heavier than Little Guy at 30kg).

Little Guy was also excited about seeing his kindergarten friends today after having had his first real 'playdate' on Saturday afternoon. We were joined by two boys, their mums and one baby brother for a delightful afternoon. As tiring as it is for me to speak Japanese all day it is always a pleasure to learn more about new acquaintances. I think we all declared the day a success and I hope they'll feel comfortable returning. It's sometimes embarassing to have friends over since our home is situated on a huge section - in comparison to other homes in this country - people mistakenly assume we're living the high life! Really we were just in the right place at the right time to get this plot.

Swimming on Saturday was again dampened by tears but he assures me he's feeling better about this whole thing!

I managed to do a bit of sewing on Sunday. And get a few photos taken. What do you call these things Babushka, Matryoshka, Russian Dolls or something else?

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