Have you packed yet? NO!!!

It's official, we're on holiday ... at Mee a Bee! and Chatty Cafe!

Thanks everyone SO MUCH for a super-duper, fun-filled first half of the year.

Whew, it's been a bit of a mad rush getting the final few orders finished off. I often get a bit side-tracked when I go into my sewing room. On Sunday I spent ages vacuuming every little crevice. Rearranging the books. Sorting through piles of scrap fabric ... Anything to avoid the ACTUAL work I had to do.
Happily my sewing machine can be packed away now. One more trip to the post office in just a little while and I'm done.

As for packing. Oh my ... it's very hard to pack for a winter ski holiday when it's over 30 degrees outside. Oh how I wish I had done it back when the weather first started to turn.

Little Guy had his birthday yesterday. He got tons of emails and phone calls, a card in the mail even but he was not here! He had his very first overnight camp at kindergarten. I was able to look at photos last night on the kindergarten website - they were having a blast! I am looking forward to picking him up in about an hour.

So I had better get moving. We fly out in twenty four hours time!!

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