Oh my luck is turning

This has just arrived - a bag of freshly picked vegetables, including beetroot which I have never seen in Japan! I am delirious! thank you Mrs Green Thumbs! (one of my lovely Chatty Cafe students).

Also in the bag is arugula, parsley and perillo leaves. Looks like I will be opening the kitchen again today! Finally feeling better anyway so it's great timing.

Little Guy has lost about 2 or 3 kilos from his illness and his blood test revealed that he is dangerously low in iron. Bad mummy, I haven't been feeding him properly. Fresh green veg should do the trick.
Now how do you cook beetroot? I want it to taste exactly like the canned variety I grew up on!


  1. I believe the canned variety are actually pickled! They're also nice roasted and then blitzed to make soup (add some other root veggies and stock) and serve with generous dollops of sour cream!

  2. So glad to hear you are starting to feel better.
    If you have a pressure cooker it makes quick work of beetroot.... if you have the Edmunds cookbook the beetroot recipe in the vege section is kind of close to the tinned stuff...

  3. Alyce I was all set to start baking it, having yummy thoughts about that soup, now Jo has this pressure cooker idea. Well I don't have a pressure cooker but I do have a slow cooker hmmmm what to do! Thank you both!

  4. Looks like that bunch of goodies has arrived just at the right time! glad to hear you are on the mend. my little ones have lost a few kilos between them too but we made it home okay despite the 39.5 degree temp tom had the day before!! had worked so hard to get him over 15kg before we went to japan and now he is just over 13! aah a mothers work is never done :D glad to hear you have a vacation coming up too! That soup sounds like a good plan!xo

  5. I didn't know that beets are uncommon in Japan. I love them and buy a big bunch every week. I boil for 40 min. (unpeeled), let cool and chill. I peel and slice to eat cold in salad or with lemon juice and salt. Watch out, they stain everything!


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