Road Trip Plans: Rotorua & The Agrodome

I am renowned (annoyingly) for planning our trips well in advance and packing way too much into each day. I can't help it. I enjoy the process of researching options, finding deals and preventing surprises such as a lack of parking or no cafe at the facility!

I have a very loosely defined plan for our upcoming visit to Rotorua. Little Guy has expressed a desire to see sheep and lambs while we're in NZ. One place springs to mind: The Agrodome! A famous-in-New-Zealand tourist destination, this show is truly amazing. I took Mr. Mee a Bee there on his first visit to NZ. Seeing sheep up close and marveling at the whole sheep shearing culture, it's thrilling and educational. I feel quite proud to watch and learn how much l'il ol' New Zealand revolutionized sheep farming.

Take a look at the site.

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  1. Glad to hear you're heading to Rotorua with your family. We love welcoming visitors!!! Agrodome is absolutely a must do, with laughs and learning for everyone. If you need more ideas visit . Have a wonderful road trip and we look forward to hearing all about it!


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