Sick kid means daddy home early from work

Little Guy suddenly spiked a high fever this morning totally out of the blue. Being a Saturday I decided a quick trip to the doctor would be a good idea - there's nothing worse than that helpless feeling of a sick kid in the middle of a weekend night when the nearest after-hours clinic is an hours drive away.

Thankfully he seems better this evening but their dad was worried so he came home from work early. What a guy! There are no flies on these kids, they quickly talked him into setting up a game of Monopoly.


  1. Glad he's better and dad's around to play board games.

    My husband often teases that the reason I want my kids to be literate in English is so I have people to play Trivial Pursuit with. He's not that far off the mark! I love all board games though.

  2. Maybe he played sick, so that his dad would be able to come home early. :) Just kidding. Anyway, did you bring him to the clinic the next morning? It must have been some kind of virus he contracted from school.


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