Summer Postcards

With being ill I was forced to cancel a few of my classes which was a real shame right before the summer holidays. I won't see all my lovely friends until September now.

I decided to send out a few summer postcards to everyone affected. The friendly clerk at the post office had 'sold' the postcards to me a few weeks ago. They are special for this time of year and include a lottery ticket! Fun!

Just now I received a return postcard by email . Isn't it pretty? It's hand painted (scanned).

This is the explanation:
浜木綿、Hamayuu,Chrinum asiaticum are in bloom in summer on the beach and they have good perfume.
浜、Hama means beach in Japanese.

I love it!

And I enjoy this summer tradition of exchanging a brief greeting. I must remember to do it again next year.

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