A week has passed, still sick

My poor baby has become a permanent fixture on this couch. He's virtually unable to move from it. A dose of healthy sunshine might do the trick but we are still in the midst of a severely rainy wet season.

You may have seen the news? Terrible flooding and landslides have affected some parts of the country, thankfully not us. The rain is certainly tiresome when I have so much washing to do. I am thinking of those families who have been evacuated to shelters and who have suffered great losses in their lives this week. At the same time I'd like 100% health restored to my own family!

It's a long weekend for us but with the lingering illness, Noodle's tutoring and the bad weather we will not be moving far from this spot (the couch).

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  1. hope you are all feeling better again soon! my little ones have been sick too! 3 hours at the hospital yesterday to confirm what i already knew - just a regular cold and fever! just wanted to be sure since we fly to singapore on monday. i really hope next time i will be able to hop on a train to visit you - perhaps when the kids are a bit older and less clingy! i did get a day out in nagoya to myself to go shopping which was fun. take care (*o*)/


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