Wise words from another parent

One of my best friends gave birth to her eldest daughter about a year before I had Noodle making her the first amongst my circle to have kids. I remember visiting her one evening when the by then toddler was desperately ill. Julie commented that at last her husband could appreciate the virtues of having way too many towels and sheets. Somehow I have always carried this sage advice with me and I too boast a large linen cupboard filled with more sheets and towels than a normal family could use - except when one or a few of us are ill.

A large well-stocked linen cupboard and a washer-dryer. Minimum requirements for life with children! And plenty of spare pajamas.

Little Guy is home from the clinic where he underwent some tests and was given fluids by DRIP. I am so glad Mr. Mee a Bee was there for that since Little Guy is terrified of doctors, nurses and needles.

It's three in the morning and I am catching a break between episodes in the loo, changing beds and scrubbing floors. Time for some more zzzzzzs.


  1. Hope Little Guy is on the mend and you and the Mister are catching up on your sleep. Good health vibes coming your way!


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