Back in the swim of things

Tonight after a very long hiatus I returned to the gym - I was forced by my husband to go along - you know how it is with the gym, the longer you put it off the harder it is to get back into it. I am so glad I went. Everyone had missed me! Since I was ill with that stomach virus in early July then off in New Zealand, in total I missed almost two months of classes.

Everyone was happy to see me but the best thing was getting on the scales. I am down FIVE kilos since I last weighed in in February! I am thrilled since I did not exactly eat well while I was away and since returning I have munched my way through a packet of jaffas and half a box of Roses chocolates (souvenirs I meant to give away ...)

The last piece of happiness at the gym was a song on the sound system that I had not heard in ages. It's THAT song, the one I think has been banned from the radio, I did not hear it once while in NZ. Check out this video on YouTube: VERY FUNNY watch it (Someone I used to know).

I still like it though.


  1. 5 kilos Jacqui! That's fantastic! Well done you, especially in conjunction with a trip back home. I'm afraid my weight might be starting to move in the other direction :-( Tine to take action I think!

  2. thanks Diane, you're sweet to comment, it's very motivating for me. wish you luck in halting the process!

  3. That's a great news. You getting back in to shape after a long hiatus is very admirable. It is really hard to bring back the hype.
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