Little Guy's Birthday Party: six years old

Little Guy turned six at the end of July. We were really excited about having a real party for him with friends and family in New Zealand. My sister offered to host the party at her place while mum planned the menu and a load of games. The theme of Policemen was chosen by Little Guy.

Mum really went all out to make the party a huge success. The food was amazing as you can see. The line-up cupcakes were my favourite - each one represented the five cousins and were arranged according to height - our kids are aged between ten and four.

'Pin the mustache on the police chief' was a favourite game with the kids as well as the 'Pass the parcel' game. The adults enjoyed the 'photo booth' where we each posed with the sergeant's hat on. 

The grand finale of the party was a talent quest / performance where each kid was invited to share a small trick or fun thing. Our niece delighted us with a story which she 'read' perfectly from memory whilst dressed in a pretty pink tutu. Our nephew explained a 3D diagram he had made at school. Noodle amazed everyone with a card trick which looked very much like it would fail until the last minute. I think we are all still stunned it actually worked and not one of us knows how he did it! That's magic!

Little Guy is labeled as the Usual Suspect in the picture. There was some naughty or rude behavior on his part, I don't actually know what happened, but parts of the party turned to custard! I apologize on his behalf.

Thanks everyone who came to the party as well as helped with all of the arrangements. We really appreciate it.

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