Time to get back to work: fabric crush Nancy Wolff

In blogland many friends are talking about the kids returning to school. Mine are still on holiday (until the beginning of September) although Noodle is in Summer School and Little Guy had Kindy two days last week. It's probably time to start thinking about getting back to work!

I started today to think about ordering new fabrics. I got totally side-tracked by this gorgeous new line by New York illustrator Nancy Wolff.

Circus fabric by Nancy Wolff

It is part of a new collection which is being produced by Kokka Japan. I just love it! I spent ages reading Nancy's fun blog. She is kind of spare with words in a funny way. She lets the pictures do the talking but usually adds a funny fact to go along with it. I enjoyed reading and looking at her wonderful work from several years back.

Kokka has started working with a number of American illustrators. It's such a treat but unfortunately most of the designs are licensed which means I cannot use them for my bags. Which leads me back to work - I had better look through my stash to see what delights I have in store for you!


  1. You certainly have an advantage living in Japan with all those lovely Japanese fabrics to choose from. Happy sewing!


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