A controversial bag? Tiger Chase

I have mentioned this tiger fabric a couple of times on my blog. Although it is un-named officially it would appear that the tigers, the monkey and the clothing were inspired by the classic tale about a little boy in India.

That story was written almost a hundred years ago - a different era and cultural mindset. These days the title of the book is The Story of Little Babaji by Helen Bannerman ( the original author). The illustrations have been given a sensitivity review by Fred Marcellino. I LOVED this story as a child in the seventies when it was still OK to read it. I am showing my age! I know a lot of young mums wont have heard of it.

What do you think of the whole "scandal"?

I've given the remaining Tiger Bags a spruce up with fantastic yellow strapping. I think it looks so cool. I have also made a little tiny book tote to go with it. It's not in my shop at the moment. Let me know if you love it and want it, with the tote it will make a super gift.

Visit Amazon to read more about the book and it's fascinating history: http://www.amazon.com/Story-Little-Babaji-Helen-Bannerman/dp/0060080930


  1. Is this the story where they turn into a pool of butter at the end of the chase? If so I knew the story as Epamanondas in my childhood..I thought it was funny as a child..and a bit odd, but in those days you read all kinds of stories.

  2. I loved the story and as a young child I definitely didn't realise that it was racist, and probably didn't even realise there aren't tigers in Africa, or little boys named Sambo in India (if indeed anywhere)! But I do understand why people found it offensive and I really wish our library carried the re-write of Babaji, it looks fun! I think it's a great story hopefully rescued from some rather unfortunate mistakes on the part of the author.

  3. I think so too Jacqui. And yes Carol its the one when they end up a pool of butter. Fun! And Odd!


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