A long lost friend- The Tooth Fairy!

Noodle has lost most of his baby teeth I believe, certainly several molars have made their way into The Tooth Fairy's hands. And now it's Little Guy's turn! Today after a month of waiting his first little baby teeth came out. It had taken so long his big teeth were growing up behind.

To celebrate I made Little Guy his very own Tooth Fairy Pocket. I made the white one about six years ago when Noodle lost his first tooth. Little Guy has been waiting patiently for his own, luckily he was happy to have a yellow one - we didn't seem to have any white felt anywhere.

Now what is the going rate for first teeth?

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  1. I wondered about this too but ended up going with a simple 100 yen. For us it was more about the excitement of the visit rather than the money.


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