A look back at pre-Blooming in Japan

Halloween back in 2007
Tonight for some reason I was over on my old blog, Knitting Hill. I found this lovely picture from five years ago which I had labeled " the devoted mother reads to her offspring". It's still an apt description as I still like to joke about my "devotion" to my children.

Noodle is dressed in his long-time favorite dress-up outfit, a witches/ wizards cloak made from one of my old maternity skirts. It was a shiny satiny fabric which he thought was perfect, with bells sewn all over it he was in seventh heaven (at age five). We made the hat one afternoon together shortly after Little Guy was born. I remember laughing about the four year old who still thought all craft projects were on despite his exhausted mum tending to baby round the clock.

This was a Halloween evening as I recall hence the costumes. See even I am dressed up with a shiny velvet scarf on, hehe. I remember Noodle attempted to get me to add a funny hat. We still have this Maisy Book and many more. We adore Maisy though of course we're well grown out of her stories.

If you've been a fan of Blooming in Japan for a while you may have read the early posts. I started this blog around the time this picture was taken I think, when Little Guy was about one. If you are interested you can still see all my old posts at Knitting Hill, our family blog. I didn't post often as it was simply a way of sharing a few photos with the family back home. Don't laugh at poor Little Guy's shocking assortment of hand-me-down outfits! And his atrocious skin due to his allergies. Hopefully there are no pictures of me breastfeeding (eek) which I did for almost eighteen months with no supplementing. I was quite the modern-meets-old-fashioned- mama - breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering. I did it all!

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