By popular demand: bags for one and two year olds

Special DISCOUNT CODE below.

How was your weekend? Mine was just lovely since we had an extra day (Respect for the Aged day). My kids visited their grandparents on Saturday evening. They were thrilled to have received a letter from Little Guy in the mail - a kindergarten project to celebrate grandparents.

While the cat's away the mice will play or rather the other way around. Mother Cat got a lot of sewing done. Many people have asked about bags for even younger kids than three to five ( my standard aged bags) and its always something I have wanted to include in the shop.

I have slowly been adding to my collection of suitable fabrics and now I am really pleased to have a little set of bags available for the little shorties in the family.

The bags are a bit more stout than the usual bags, with a wider base and not as deep. Little hands won't get lost in here.

And the bags feature a much shorter strap which means they can be carried in the hand or on the shoulder which is still the easiest way for age one or two. I am ever concerned about safety so I have hopefully made it impossible for these bags to go over the head.

I have also added a DISCOUNT CODE for you folks! The most frequent comment I get in my shops is from returning customers who are buying a bag for an envious little sister or brother, a cousin or playmate. Do you know what I mean? So when you buy two bags at the same time in my shop use the code TWOPLEASE for ten percent off! You'll save on postage and everyone will be so happy!

Happy Aged Day!

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