Decorating with washi masking tape

A few days ago I read this article on favourite blog! Decor8. My boys share a room (for the past two years) which works well for the most part. However it does get messy and is a little cramped. I have tried all configurations with their furniture but really there isn't much room to move. In the course of moving things around and making changes the walls have been damaged by screws. Large unsightly holes abound. Just yesterday I was talking to my mother about the need to paint or re-wallpaper the room and then this evening the post about the new wallpaper range of Japanese washi masking tape popped into my head. A cheap and easy solution!!! I have just ordered 20 meters of this cute, yet suitable design for them. I am so excited!

Hopefully it arrives soon and I remember to photograph the process.

It's mt tape brand, named "mountain". In Japan? Get yours here. No international shipping unfortunately.

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