Festive-Scented Play-dough for Fall


This morning I woke up early and got stuck into my housework. Before breakfast, my shower and the Kindy run I had the whole house vacuumed, the bathroom sparkling and a load of washing on. Autumn weather fills me with energy.

Upon return to a shiny empty house I was inspired to do something for the kids. I remembered making festive scented play dough with Mini Eco a couple of years ago. I thought I'd try an autumn version - pumpkin pie and hot chocolate.

Above you can see I am attempting to color and scent the cooked dough with saffron for color and a combination of ground ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg for scent. It smells divine but it's not overpowering. For the chocolate I simply added cocoa powder to the mix and then kneaded in some vanilla essence as Kate suggests in her recipe.

I think my kids will be very happy when they get home. In the meantime I can play with it myself. Who doesn't love play dough?



  1. Good grief woman. I thought I was doing well to have done (and hung out) a load of laundry, put the rubbish out and cleared up in the kitchen before kindy!
    But really, well done you! I know what you mean about autumn filling you with energy after the draining summer heat, but I'm obviously not up to your level yet!

  2. Don't worry Diane it is sure to be short lived. I only do housework in spring and autumn.


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