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The other day we were eating dinner when I noticed there was a young man standing by our gate with a large fancy camera. At first we thought he was inspecting the paddock next door, it's a large plot of prime real estate and many developers have their eye on it. We changed minds on that since it was a Sunday evening. Next we thought he must be checking the progress of the kiwi fruit our other neighbor is growing. No.

Finally we realized he was train watching. From our place we get a good view of the passing JR trains that depart and arrive at the airport. When we first moved to this house my kids found it every exciting. This young man wasn't the first to seek out a good vantage point. Perhaps we're listed as a friendly host for such activities in the train spotters manual, if there is such a thing!

Today in my mail I found two small pieces of wonderful train fabrics. I am working on a special order of bags for some young train enthusiasts in the making. Perhaps they would like to ride a train to my place to pick them up!

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  1. We can see trains from our place too! It is a couple of historical steam trains that leave the station at the bottom of our hill which takes tourists for a ride out into the country. They look a bit like the ones on your cute fabric.


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