Getting Ready for kcwc

Since signing up for kcwc with I have been trying to decide what and for who to make something. As I said in an earlier post both boys seem to need clothes but in the end I have decided that Little Guy is more needy and more likely willing to wear something homemade. It has also proven almost impossible to find a pattern in Noodle's size! Bar going to a small adult's pattern.

Sooooooo I got this crazy cool corduroy yesterday when I was in the city. I suspect that it might be a bit too crazy for our family but I do want to try it out. Isn't it neat? It's made by Kokka who I love dearly for their continued recognition of BOYS in their designs.

The pattern is very run of the mill, cargo pants. Little Guy tends to like a skinnier jean so I am not set on using that pattern for sure but it's a start.

Has anyone else signed up?

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