Identity Crisis: What do you do?

I found this on Etsy: Lego Identity Crisis
When was the last time you were asked the question "What do you do?" Are you lucky enough to have an answer? I envy you, I really do. While I was in New Zealand I met a lot of new people, from assistants in shops, to the work colleagues of my family, to the host family of my niece. I cringe to think that I gave most people the incredibly ambiguous answer of "this and that". Some people were treated to the equally vague answer of "mainly just home with the kids". I divulged some extra details to a few people, admitting that I teach from home. Not once did I mention bags.

I don't know why I feel embarrassed to tell friends and new acquaintances about my actual work for Mee a Bee. I am very proud of what I have accomplished these past five years but somehow it doesn't seem legitimate since I am the only employee, I do everything myself, it's all handmade, I only promote online ... The list goes on. The problem is I don't have a concise and convincing Job Title. Within my online world I AM the owner of Mee a Bee, the head designer of all those cute bags. I am in my element, preaching to the choir as it were. I don't have to try and win you over, you're already here! And I thank you for that. In the 'real' world I lack the confidence to explain what I do. I am definitely selling myself short ( though there is nothing wrong but the noble vocation of child- rearing).

So if you had just met me, what would your impression be if I said I am a Children's Bag Designer?
Can you think of another way of explaining, in as few words as possible, what I do, with Mee a Bee? Thanks in advance for your comments, tips, views and ideas.


  1. Well, speaking about you to others I say; "she is an incredibly creative childrens' bag designer who makes the most wonderful things that are adored by children all over the world".

  2. Thank you Cat! Your lovely sister said the same thing on my feedback page today xxx

  3. I think you should use that title more often..'cos it really is what you do careerwise. It's not necessarily who you are, but it is what you do!

  4. you are the owner and head designer of Mee A Bee, a company that makes beautiful children's bags.

  5. I think, like jojoebi said, you just say "I own a company called Mee A Bee and we specialise in children's bags". You don't have to say you're the only employee or anything like that if you don't want to, I imagine most people won't inquire past that point and if they do you can choose to focus on other aspects of the business like advertising or running a business in Japan if you feel awkward about anything. Not that I think you should but I do understand a bit because I tend to minimise my crafting when it comes up in real life for some reason!

  6. I LOVE that t-shirt and I'm gonna steal that link. "I'm a Children's Bag Designer" sounds cool. I know exactly what you are talking about, even with all the quals I still feel like a douchebag if I say "I'm an artist".


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