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Even just reading the introduction for Jo's course (see below) I felt sad that I wasn't spending any real quality time with my kids. I feel like I am always busy but the truth is I often prioritize other things before the kids. With a "one day at a time" approach I decided to reorganize my afternoon and set aside one hour for fun with Little Guy. I might do it again, I might not, but this evening I feel happy that we spent a full 60 minutes just playing, together.

We are playing our new Electronic Banking Monopoly game. OMG it's so cool. Monopoly is so tedious to set up in the traditional game, where nobody remembers how much money each player gets, right? In our set, Little Guy has scrunched up a lot of the money as it is one of his favourite things to play with. With this set there is no actual cash. Each player has a credit card for all transactions. The banker has a calculator-like machine which tallies all the finances. It is really very cool and quite simple even for the kids. Suitable for ages eight and up according to the box. Little Guy can play but only with a lot of help since he cannot read. He does have an advantage in that he has played monopoly junior many times so is familiar with the concept. 

Put this game on your family wish list for Christmas!

Thanks Grandad for this game, we can't wait to play it with you! 

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  1. so cool that you are making changes, I bet little guy enjoyed his mommy time too!
    I have no idea they had a modern version of monopoly! thanks for the heads up!


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