mt masking tape looks great in the kid's room!

mt masking tape
Amazingly the mt masking tape I ordered on Saturday night arrived first thing Tuesday even though Monday was a public holiday. Gotta love Japan for speedy and wonderful service!

The tape was *slightly* disappointing as it was a lot narrower than expected. Somehow I thought 35mm was going to be about 15cm wide ... From the picture it looked wide. That's a good lesson for someone who SELLS online (ie. Mee a Bee).

I firstly wiped the walls with a kind of orange-power organic cleaner to get rid of marks and sticky residue from an old decal we had. I dried them with an electric fan as I was in a hurry to get started! Our wallpaper is slightly glossy and possibly a little waterproof? I can't remember now what we ended up choosing for their room.

Mr. Mee a Bee arrived home just at the right time to rescue me from a wonky crooked line and to pass the scissors just out of reach. Measuring and marking a few guidelines would be a good idea if you want your tape perfectly straight. It was easier as a two-man job.

I am very happy with this little project. One roll was just enough to do their room (10m). I think it adds a little visual interest. It has covered quite a few holes and scratches. It appears sticky enough to adhere indefinitely but at the same time I think it will peel off easily when the time comes.

My kids share a room, ages eleven (almost) and six. Their duvet covers are from Ikea. Noodle loves green and Little Guy loves blue so that worked out! Two weeks ago I installed a roller blind instead of curtains which is much more space effective. And brighter. Noodle's bed-side "table" is a 180cm long/tall 'Billy' bookcase from Ikea. He has so much stuff he likes to keep in reach I gave up trying to confine it to a normal table. The room is quite small for a single bed and a super-single bed so I have put them close together with just a small space between then their bedside tables on the wall side of each bed. There's room to play at the end of their beds but not much. They mostly just sleep or read in their room.

Does anyone else have a shared kids' room? How do you find it?



  1. Having a long shelf next to the bed is a great idea..very good use of space there.


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