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Good morning! I am so relived the weather has broken and it's cool! Last night we were able to sleep comfortably without the need for a fan or air conditioning. The kids slept under their duvets instead of on top of them (I found some rating 1 duvet inners from Ikea in my attic yesterday - unopened! Perhaps I got them on sale last year? I can't even remember but they seem perfect for right now).

Little Guy has been enjoying the cooler evenings at his friend's house. A little girl who lives at the back of our place in a new sub-division. Given that there are several houses grouped together on a private road there are plenty of kids to play with. I have my reservations about him climbing over the fence to get there. I cannot see what they are doing and certainly am not helping with the supervision. I worry that he is annoying the other mothers or intruding in some way. But he insists on going and when I see the mothers in the morning on the way to Kindy they greet him so cheerfully. I guess it is OK.

I had a conversation along these lines with my auntie last week and today she sent me this very relevant article from a Sydney newspaper. It's about a new fad called 'under-parenting' oooh I like the sound of that. The opposite being 'helicopter' parenting.

I'll admit to being a terrible nag when it comes to Noodle and his homework. I do hover, not to make sure he is doing it properly but to make sure he allows himself enough time to get it done. I cannot stand evenings spent with him grumbling at his desk. I abhor him staying up late. I like him to get it out of the the way earlier in the day. It's all very well to say let him suffer the consequences of incomplete assignments or lack of sleep but we did try the laid- back approach last term. It resulted in a stressed-out, angry, violent boy. I truly believe he needs help to use his time effectively and plan in advance. It's a case where firmness and kindness need to be balanced, as mentioned in the article. (link below, by Vanessa Fowler).

Have a read, you might enjoy it. When Little Guy came home at 6 o'clock yesterday he asked me "Did you enjoy your peace and quiet mum? Oh yes, I certainly did! Under-parenting might be for me!

New parenting techniques - Kids & Babies - Lifestyle - Northside

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  1. Thanks for this one Jacqui! I definitely trend towards the helicopter side of parenting (although no more than my own mother did!) But this morning I went to Toms kindy to help clean up and took Aiya with me. I think for the first time I left her (now three and always accident prone) to play with the older kids outside. I only bothered to glance out the window twice to check on her and both times she was happily navigating the climbing equipment where I would have normally been standing inches away. At the end of the morning session I found her so happy playing in the sand pit absolutely covered in sand and having the best time! I must remind myself to do a bit more "under" parenting! (*o*)/


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