School Lunches, Bento, lost drink bottles

Mornings are a lot less hectic since I tidied up our kitchen drawers. Thanks to the kick in the rear from Jo's course My Organized Chaos. Particularly our lunchbox drawer, which spanned several drawers before, is just great now that it's consolidated into one large drawer.

Even so we lose things, namely the rubber seals for the drink bottles. GRRRR. I don't know why we keep doing it. Hopefully I have learned my lesson to be more careful since it wasn't possible to replace the seal. Instead I had to buy a whole new bottle (as pictured). These things are not cheap, generally a minimum of $30. Also I know from experience that if you don't wash the seals separately and let them dry properly they go mouldy, ewwww. Then you are faced with having a buy a new one again!

There's a new bento supply shop in town, it's very cool. bento & co. Actually rather gorgeous and so tempting!

We send Tyler with a bento (packed lunch) twice a week. These silicon inserts have revolutionized our lunch boxes. When Noodle was taking lunches everyday I used paper things that came home in a disgusting slimy mess. The silicon ones stay lovely all day and of course we are saving the environment by re-using them each time. I made sure to buy a good brand of food safe silicon, was a little skeptical at first!

Today is Wednesday, so a half day at kindy and also school. School is finishing early for teacher's only day or something but bless them they are still providing lunch. Little Guy and I will be enjoying the gorgeous weather outside by the BAKERY VAN. Yaye. I love bakery day. (every Wednesday by the town hall the little mobile bakery comes at noon).

What's for lunch at your place?


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