Tea vs Coffee

Good morning! I am up early enjoying a very crisp day, lazing on my bed reading blogs, after reading two chapters of "The Magic Tree House, Mummies in the Morning" to Little Guy and wondering what time Noodle will wake up.
And my stomach is grumbling. I need a nice cup of hot tea.

Later this morning I will be meeting Nilesh* the intern at my husband's office. He has been with them for the past year learning the ropes of the business, cramming Japanese study into his afternoons and evenings, and trying to cope with his strict dietary needs (Halal) in a country that has very homogenous eating habits. We haven't had a chance to meet before now but he has been delighting me with little gifts of real tea from India each time he's returned from there. I know we will get on!

I came across this interesting info graphic about tea and coffee. It contains quite a few facts I was unaware of. Which camp do you fall into? I am a person who loves both tea and coffee but I am a dedicated tea drinker anytime before about ten. Throughout the day at home I have the odd cup of coffee and I am committed to coffee in cafes. I drink gallons of iced cafe latte during summer. In the evenings I look forward to the cup of tea Mr Mee a Bee makes me after dinner or when I get back from the gym. He makes the BEST tea.

* name changed to protect his privacy

The Health Benefits of Coffee vs Tea
Browse more infographics.


  1. Good morning! I'm a tea person, I hate the taste of coffee. But I love the smell of it. It reminds me of long car trips with my parents.

    I have never heard of white tea before. Kocha? Off to look it up!

  2. Me too! White tea, I was planning to look it up. I think it has something to do with the age of the leaf?

  3. Good morning! I too love tea and hate coffee, which everyone in Japan attributes to me being from the UK. I love the smell of coffee though, and anything coffee-flavoured (cake, chocolate...) other than coffee :-)

    And yes, white tea??


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