The sweet smell of new school stationery

Don't you just love the start of a new school year? I know I am not alone in loving the feeling of opening a new notebook, carefully folding the cover open and then writing that first line in your best handwriting. I still do it!

Noodle goes through notebooks at the speed of lightning and rarely stops to savour that feeling. What does make him happy though is hundreds of lovingly sharpened pencils. When he has a test or a big day at school I sharpen all his pencils after he has gone to bed then line them up in his pencil case. He always gets a kick out of it. It's my version of the lunchbox note (which I don't do for various reasons).

This yummy lot of pencils has just arrived by special delivery. Stationery heaven! Imagine a pencil made by a company established in 1897! And something new, a triangular eraser in a handy click-down case, by Pentel. Apparently the corners make it easy to target the erroneous area, no more rubbing out the good stuff! I will let you know what Noodle thinks of it. He'll probably just sigh and scold me for wasting money on gimmicks!


  1. I got some of that joy just reading about Noodle's love of sharpened pencils and the loving way that you sharpen them for him before a test. A mother's love is fine tuned isn't it..or would I dare to say carefully sharpened!

  2. Ooh, I love new stationery! Always enjoyed the Back To School shopping. I'm always a bit afraid to write in new notebooks though, in case I spoil them...

  3. Yes!!! Did you tear out the page if you made a mistake Diane?


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