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Are you happy today? On a scale of one to ten how happy would you say you are? Could you be happier? By all accounts the author of this book, The Happiness Project, should be happy. Yet, she suffers "bouts of melancholy, insecurity, listlessness, and free-floating guilt." She embarks on a year-long campaign to make some improvements to her state of mind and the result is the Happiness Project.

I read this book a few months ago and loved it. I offered to pass it on to a friend but before sending it thought I might re- read. Again, I am enjoying it. Nothing that Gretchen Rubin comes up with is groundbreaking or revelationary. Things as simple as exercising, making time to email grandparents and being a better friend are what she talks about. That's why I liked it. We can all do those things, make just small improvements or changes to the way we approach things or handle things. (Sorry friends and grandparents I am still useless at keeping in touch!)

Take a look at the Happiness Project website.

What I have really been pondering is why we women feel unhappy? Is it a generational issue? I grew up in the "girls can do anything" era. I was educated to think I could have it all, the sky was the limit. In reality having it all can be overwhelming. If you are not measuring up (real or perceived) then you feel you are letting the side down, not living up to expectations. Our generation of women / mothers have been programmed to strive for the top and accept nothing less than the best. We are almost destined to fail and there is certainly a lot of scope for unhappiness at times in our lives. In a previous generation, when women were not treated equally, those that sought to achieve beyond motherhood were criticized for wanting more. What is the general consensus of your generation (those younger or older than me)? What do you think the source of the next generation's angst will be? Will our children be happy? That's a topic for another day!


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