Walks on Water ... ?

I've been blogging since Noodle was a baby on various blogs but I started this one back in May of 2007. Wow! Five years. Have you ever read my first post?

Lately I have been thinking about the subtitle "walks on water, runs over hot coals, etc" . What would you think if I changed it to "how to lead an absolutely normal life in Japan"? I know a lot of you think I am pretty spectacular, (or maybe just me thinks that, hehe) but the more I think about it the more I think all my hard work to bloom has gotten me exactly where I always wanted to be. But I didn't really know where I wanted to be before. I thought my life was lacking in something but now I don't feel that way. yaye! Am I here? Have I arrived?

Writing my blog makes me happy. It serves as a daily reminder of how bloody lucky I am and what a wonderful life I have. 

In a lot of ways being a little tiny bit financially independent has made all the difference. Look at the things I blog about:

Baking - I was born with a sweet tooth so the fact that I get to bake for a (part-time) living is just the icing on the cake (pun intended). My life is greatly enriched by the people I chat to each week, it almost seems a crime to charge them. Chatty Cafe is absolutely a joy in my life, from the baking to the pride I feel in presenting a beautiful table and a sparkling home.

Sewing - many of the things I do wouldn't be possible if it were not for Mee a Bee. Though my husband still likes to joke or even threaten me with a return to the workforce outside the home I still have great plans and enthusiasm for my business. I think I am doing just fine ;) no need to browse the job classifieds quite yet. The people I have met, the opportunities I have had. I really had no idea it could be this much fun and so satisfying.

Shopping - online shopping may have become one of my biggest vices, apart from late night chocolate eating. The great thing about being in charge of your own company means you get to shop for "supplies" all the time! Though today when I cleaned out my fabric stash, the basket of fabrics that I have bought for myself or our home was three times the size of any of Mee a Bee's fabric baskets.

Swimming and the Gym - for many this would be a luxury spend. It's not cheap but we both agree that it does wonders for my mental health. AND my physical well-being. This is one expense I won't forgo. I'd rather curb my chocolate spending than give up the gym.

Movies (mainly DVDs) - again we view this as an essential expenditure in our family budget. It's the only time in the week that Mr. and I make a point of doing something together. I have always loved movies and maintained an interest in actors or directors. Keeping up with movies and in fact music from "home" ie. the west, keeps me connected to my family and friends. 

Decorating and Organising - I think you all know that I do live in a rather large, by Japan standards, house which is still quite new. We designed and built this house just six years ago. I still look around in amazement sometimes to think that sixteen years ago I arrived in Japan with just one 25kg Macpac backpack containing all my worldly goods. Now I have a whole house full of stuff! I love this house but I do feel it's an ongoing project with the changing needs of the family and my own personal interest in decorating.

Travel - I don't feel like we travel all that much but I guess almost yearly trips back to New Zealand counts as travel. I still view it as "going home" so an essential expense. Though with the kids getting bigger we have been able to do so much on our most recent trips we definitely got into tourist-mode for part of the time. We are indeed very fortunate to have been able to afford to do these big trips.

My kids - as much as I complain about my kids, where would I be without them? They are truly the light of my life even though they sometimes, fairly often, drag me to the depths of despair. I console myself by saying that if I didn't care so much the things they do or don't do wouldn't bother me so much! At the end of the day the life Mr. Mee a Bee have made for ourselves is all for them. And you know what they say:
If mum ain't happy then nobody happy.
Just as well we're all good here. Today. At this moment. Fingers crossed. Just joking.


  1. I loved reading this post Jacqui and hearing how much you enjoy about your life. You've worked hard to achieve these things and know yourself well enough and both these things are, in my opinion, the real keys to happiness. I especially love what you wrote about your children. I've been surrounded be people of late who tell me how perfect & joyous they find motherhood and for me there is much joy but little perfection and I agree with you, if I didn't care so much about doing a good job I wouldn't find it so stressful. I love this insight into your world. X

  2. Cat, you are definitely one of the people who has made my life unbelievably amazing. If I could afford a trip to yours I'd be there in a flash. You're still dealing with a very young baby and a super curious ball of energy preschooler. I have been there and am testament to the fact that it does get easier. One day at a time! Go easy on yourself and try not to feel guilty about sometimes feeling overwhelmed, we all do. And ignore those mean mums who try to make you think it's all perfect at their place all the time, they must be lying!!!

  3. Hi Jacqui, reading this post made me interested in the journey of creativity that you've been on, so I've spent a while reading how you got into sewing your bags. Just proves with a bit of persistence that a successful business can be made. Thank you for the inspiring read this morning.

  4. You are so very kind Carol and so motivating!! I strive to improve knowing that I am being cheered on. Thak you!


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