we are boy crazy

Having boys has always seemed right for me. Since that first moment of shock when the doctor told me that Noodle was a boy I have adjusted to it very well. It suits me, I often say. I certainly would not know what to do with a little girl if one came our way (heaven forbid, NO, we are not planning anymore children!!).

These past couple of weeks have been lovely. Our schedule has been slightly lighter than usual with a couple of public holidays thrown in. Noodle has been getting the fairies and elves to do his homework, or perhaps he is finally settling into it. In any case, we are doing great. Touch wood.

My shop has been invaded by BOY bags. My delight in my own children has manifested itself in bags, bags and more bags for the ... what's the opposite of the fairer sex?

I am on a mission to prove that having boys needn't mean endless fart jokes, blue everywhere, the toilet seat left up and smelly sneakers. Hands up mums of boys who are seeking a little boyish chic? gentlemanly charm? we need a plan of attack.


  1. My mission in raising boys was to make sure they could all cook for themselves..they are all excellent cooks..one even went on to work as a chef for a few years. I am sure with your goals, you will raise wonderful men! Lovely boy bags!

  2. Thank you Carol, you're so encouraging. My kids like cooking too, Noodle did quite a bit while we were on holiday. I hope they turn out alright ...!

  3. I love having two boys too! When I was expecting the second, everyone said, don't you want a girl this time? But I feel like I am a mum of boys; I can't imagine having a girl in our family! And no, we won't be trying for a third either :-)


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