A corner of our laundry - for (non-furry) friends

I suppose I was influenced by my weekend reading about Waldorf education. Yesterday at the Farmers Market I sent Little Guy off to choose some flowers. I was trying to distract him from his nagging about buying an ice cream. Instead he rushed back to plead with me to buy a beetle. You might recall that we have had one of these before, that one belonged to Noodle. I won't go into it but having read the chapter on pet keeping / connecting with nature and its importance for children I quickly decided we'd get one. Plus it was only a dollar.

Meet Marvin, the kuwagata beetle. At six years old I think Little Guy is ready for some responsibility. We shall see! He did take up my suggestion to look up the care of it in his encyclopedia. He's concluded that Marvin is not a dangerous pet. He will attack if provoked but since he's only a couple of centimeters long I don't think it would hurt much. If Marvin survives the cold winter he'll grow to a maximum size of 5 cm.

Noodle has been keeping these three goldfish for a few months. He's pretty good at turning their light on, feeding them and cleaning the tank. I've enjoyed seeing him care for them and been impressed that he remembers everyday.

A cat would be nice but I am allergic to cats despite having grown up with them. Mr. Mee a Bee is a dog lover anyway. We frequently see cats in our garden which excites the kids. A new one we've seen is a very handsome white cat with large black spots. We've named him Harry ... "Harry was a white dog with black spots". Are you familiar with these books? I love them. Very much. Do you have a pet? How do you find it? Do you think it benefits your children?

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