A corner of our living room

How do you feel about toys cluttering up your living room? I'm not a huge fan but I have to concede sometimes. The boys, namely Little Guy, love to mark out their own territory. This week he has barricaded himself into the corner with the play table and his cardboard shop/castle.

It's a bit of a mess and I have wanted to pack it away with two Chatty Cafes this week. I've since reconsidered since the ladies this morning applauded my toy collecting prowess and exclaimed me to be a wonderful parent exemplifying strong educational values. Wooden toys have that effect on people! I was happy to explain that most of these toys were bought, given to us or made by us, for Noodle which puts them at at least ten to eleven years old.

Plastic toys simply don't last like that, with some exceptions, i.e. Lego. We have some Lego pieces that were saved from my childhood. Do you have any old toys at your place? Are they precious collector's items or still perfectly serviceable?

Our toy corner
A corner of my living room

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