A teddy bear BFF for my son

This morning Little Guy made an ominous declaration "It's time!" For what I wondered? Turns out it was Oscar's "time" to visit the teddy bear hospital. He'd suffered a head injury, the area was suspiciously wet and Little Guy had fur around his mouth (just kidding). He'd come unstitched a little. I've fixed him all up and given him a lovely warm bath. He was filthy!

A few nights ago Little Guy was really antsy in the evening, refusing to stay in his room at bedtime, insisting on extra stories, drinks of milk, visits to the toilet and on and on. He finally went to sleep well after nine which is late for him.

The next morning Mr. Mee a Bee asked if I had seen Oscar, the bear, who was apparently missing. It suddenly clicked into place when I realized that Little Guy still has trouble sleeping without his beloved bear.

Should I be worried that my six year old boy still needs his bear to sleep? That his bear is never far away, often accompanies us to kindergarten (though he stays in the car) and is not to be kicked, thrown or tossed in the cupboard. NOT AT ALL. Oscar is a great source of comfort to Little Guy, he's gotten us through some difficult times: the first days of kindergarten, visits to the dentist, overnight stays at the grandparents. Around the house he's a friendly lovable companion who ALWAYS wants a cuddle or a kiss, he's never too busy to play, he loves doing whatever Little Guy wants to do. They share a lot of secrets and love each other unconditionally. Oscar is definitely a part of our family and holds a part of Little Guy's soul. Who would deprive a child of that?

I think we'll be sad when he's grown out of.


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  1. My son has a stuffed cat that's been his pal since the boy was 18 months old. And still is. My son is now 17 :)


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